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Effee’s “I Wish” Breakdown

Effee, a.k.a Fran Literski is absolutely at the top of her game right now.

"I Wish" was the 4th single we worked on together for her project, and like the others, it was produced by Scott Griffin, who I have always been a fan of. Anytime something from him "comes across my desk," I know it's going to be a good day.

Our goal for the first 15 seconds of "I Wish" was to establish the canvas. Modern sounds as textures, but remaining organic, with real instruments carrying the pulse.

It starts out with a pitched guitar sample, which feels like it is swirling in water, defining the track's width, then for a bar, breaks down to an organic, close vocal, with the acoustic guitar placed to feel as though it is a few feet behind her.

Then, the underwater guitar sample comes back around, but this time it brings the rhythm section in with it. The next few bars establish the track's power before breaking down to the band, providing the pulse for the vocal.

The rest of the track is layered with gorgeous background vocals, acoustic guitars that feel like they are inches from your face, amazing vocal production, and new layers and elements at every turn. Stay till the end, the bridge feels like a dream sequence before bringing you back for a final chorus that is far from being a copy and paste job.

The mix was mastered by the venerable John Paterno, who completely elevated the track. Learn more about John here.

You can check out Effee's "I Wish" in my playlist on Spotify, or on your platform of choice here.



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